DJ & Sax Abroad

Limited Time Offer

Drinks Reception

Usual Timings: 120mins Solo Sax-Vocals

Again, I understand that this may start at 17:00 for example if you are getting married later in the afternoon when it isn’t so hot.

Brand New Music!

Creating these brand new tracks has been my great labour of love during 2020. I have been working tirelessly (remotely) with, top played legendary London producer and song writer, ‘HUMN’ – credits both at home and internationally! These custom produced Ibiza summer vibes tracks are my favorite collaboration to date!

I am so very exicted to perform them and share my new music!

These soul and pop classics have been lovingly re-imagined into that summer poolside, ibiza soft house, chill out style. I designed this 90-120mins specifically for wedding drinks receptions, to be perfectly paired with Prosecco and canapés.

These daytime drinks reception tracks can be Solo Sax or you can add my vocals as an optional, complimentary extra.

*This is the ‘Solo Sax – Daytime’ that you will get for free when you book DJ & SAX for evening.

Evening: Dj & Sax

Standard timings for Live Mixing and performance: 5 Hours of live DJ mixing and 120mins equivilent of Sax spread over the entire DJ time (19:00-00:00). With desination weddings I understand that timings can be quite varied so I am open to dicussing all possibilities. 

DJ Reza has DJ’d for Beyone & Jay-Z, The Rolling Stones, Adele, Little Mix, Nike, Weddings, Night Clubs, Corporate & Festivals.

Reza can DJ any genre or style and prides himself on keeping the dance floor full all night.

Travel Reminder

‘The 3 Day Booking’

I will always travel to a destination the day before I am due to perform. This is soley to minimise the risk of travel delays or complications outside of my control that would adversly affect your wedding. I.e. the unlikely event of strikes or extreme delays etc. Also being there early allows for a better assessment of the venue, logistics and timings of your special day.

Abroad, 3 Day Bookings: Arrival Day, Performance Day, Depature Day. 

The abroad packages are subject to an increased fee as I will be declining other bookings on these travel days.

Note: If you don’t end up booking with me, I strongly advise against hiring anyone that offers to fly out on the same day as your wedding. If they offer to do this, they are most likely inexperienced or don’t care enough. If there is an airline delay… you could be without entertainment! Just a friendly tip 🙂 

Solo Sax (Abroad)

Drinks Reception | Evening Party

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